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Pediatric Vaccinations

Upcoming Pediatric Vaccination Events

No events scheduled.

Please call Salina Family Healthcare Center for an appointment at 785-825-7251.

Why should I get my kids vaccinated?

1. Its Safety: Out of the ~3,000 children vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine during clinical trials, there were no deaths, no case of myocarditis, no Bell’s palsy and no anaphylaxis. COVID-19 disease and MIS-C result in higher rates of myocarditis than myocarditis related to the COVID vaccine. There have been 0 deaths related to myocarditis from the COVID-19 vaccine in adolescents and adults.​

2. Reactions: Systemic and local reactions were less severe in the 5-11 cohort comparted to older children and adolescents.

3. Vaccine Risks v. COVID-19 Risks: The safety and efficacy data of the 5-11yro Pfizer vaccine showed clear benefits that overwhelmingly outweigh the risks of COVID disease (i.e. MIS-C, unknown effects of long-term COVID, etc.).

4. Stay in School: COVID vaccines reduce cases of COVID-19 therefore increasing the possibility for more social interactions and uninterrupted school, not to mention prevention of transmission of COVID-19 to vulnerable family members.

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